A weekend of munching

This weekend was a good bit quieter than the last so you won’t have as much to read! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing really!

Straight after work on Friday I set Mrs. Sat Nav to Reading for the first time! Reading is notorious for busy one-way systems, but I somehow managed to make it there without incident. I went to Las Iguanas, a Brazilian bar and restaurant, for yummy cocktails with some of the girls I met during my induction for work. We then made our way to the Handmade Burger Company, where the rest of our gang joined us. I gobbled my way through a brie and cranberry burger and chips, with a chocolate malt shake on the side. Bliss! It was really great to get to chat to some other people in similar situations to myself as well.

Saturday morning, I had a fabulous lie in followed by a bit of housework (which was strangely enjoyable/therapeutic). Feeling energetic, I went for a run/walk around the local area and discovered that what I had thought were fields, are actually the “Town Moor”


There is a really lovely signposted walk along here, which takes you from Cookham to Bray. I haven’t done much of it yet, but I did discover two of the “Guardians of the Green Way”



As well as some much smaller Green Way guardians…..


I have added doing the Green Way walk to Cookham and Maidenhead onto my list of things to do!

That evening, made my way to the infamous Giant Asda of High Wycombe, to stock up on goodies for the week. One of the things I like best about the weekend is having the time and energy to cook a leisurely dinner, so I put together my favourite chickpea curry and enjoyed a quiet night in with my book (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest in case you’re wondering).

The next day, I made some scrumptious brownies (if I do say so myself!) and drove up to Wembley to hang out with Peter and the gang. We had a lovely pub dinner with some Irish friends of theirs, and I must say it was nice to be surrounded by familiar accents again. My Dublin accent is definitely fading so it was a good refresher for me!



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