The Kiwi, the Mancunian and I

When I last left you, I was tired, sore, lonely and despondent on the couch of a random hostel all by myself. Not the fun evening on a houseboat with cool new friends I had planned! I was exhausted enough that a quiet evening in seemed appealing, and less scary than trying to meet new people by myself again. However, staying in by myself is not why I moved to the UK and drove to Bristol alone to stay with a stranger!

I rallied my spirits, and went on once again. It seemed my luck had changed, as a friendly looking Kiwi dude had posted on the Bristol page just a couple of hours previously asking did anyone want to meet up. Not long later, I had someone to have dinner and a few drinks with! Shortly after arranging that, a guy from Manchester entered the hostel lounge and began chatting to me. Before long, I had another friend wanting to come for drinks too!

I left the hostel in search of Kiwi Craig, while Mancunian Nas agreed to meet us later as he wanted to get changed.


Kiwi Craig and I met outside the gorgeous Bristol cathedral and the slightly less gorgeous (but still interesting architecturally) Bristol Town Hall.


After a slightly disappointing dinner, Nas joined us, all kitted out in green in honour of me! We left the overpriced Pitcher and Piano Bar and Restaurant, and moved onto The Stable, where we got ourselves two slabs of cider tasters!


The three of us had great craic acting as if we were cider connoisseurs, and debating highly philosophical matters (what is the difference between a gazebo and a marquee for example?). Some time later, we went our separate ways and I somehow managed to find my way (slightly tipsily I will admit) back up a giant hill and to my hostel.

My intention had been to go to bed, but once I was inside the hostel I heard roaring laughter coming from the lounge. I poked my head around the door, only to find a friendly Italian guy I had said hello to earlier sitting there with a large gang of his compatriots. He recognised me instantly and waved me over. I made myself comfy on the couch once again and was introduced to Antonio, Lorenzo, Marco and a whole bunch of other “o”s I can’t remember! We were also joined by a lovely Italian girl, and a guy from Catalonia!

We spent quite some time debating linguistic differences, and I got a chance to show off my fabulous Italian skills. My new friends thought the Christmas rhyme I had learned aged twelve was utterly hilarious!

Eventually, we all made our way to our leabas. I was still tired and sore, but no longer lonely and despondent. I had made my way to a strange city intending to test my courage by staying with unknown people and make new friends. Despite my worries and the blip in proceedings, I had managed to have a seriously brilliant night in Bristol and made new friends after all!


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