Bristol banter continued

Monday morning I woke up bright and early (slightly the worse for wear, I’ll admit!) and made my way down to the harbour for the BBC Bristol Food Connections Festival that was the original reason for my going to the city. Finally, despite all the confusion and setbacks, I was going to see Donal Skehan cooking in real life!


Along the way I stopped to have a look at the beautiful Bristol University. I really wish I had a better camera so that I could give you a proper look at the height of this place, it was stunning! I would love a chance to have a mooch around inside it as well.


I made it to the lovely harbour, and had to queue for a while before getting a seat in the pavilion where Donal would be filmed.


Unfortunately, phones and cameras weren’t allowed after this point, but I can assure you that Donal was great! He cooked chilli and lemongrass chicken and Mexican fish tacos. From where I was sitting, I could tell they smelled divine! They’re definitely on my list to cook for dinner one of these days.

After the demonstration I made my way around the festival. Unluckily for me, it was more aimed at littlies than big kids like me! I suppose it didn’t help that I spend far too much time in the working day looking at tongues and had zero desire to loo at stalls featuring tongues and taste buds and the like!


I headed back out to explore Bristol, and came across these intriguing ship masts. As I drew nearer, I realised they were over the wrong side of the river and as my poor feet were complaining once again, I made the executive decision to see what else the city had to offer me.


I continued to be wowed by the architecture, including the Cathedral School above….



….. and more of the exterior of the cathedral itself. I decided that as the outside was so beautiful, I really needed to have a nose about the inside. But first, sustenance!


Continuing on my British theme, I went for an award-winning chicken and leek Traditional Cornish Pasty from the Chough Bakery stall at the festival. It was lovely and warm and filling, though perhaps not the usual sort of thing I’d go for, being more of a veggie lover myself. As I sat on a bench in the sunshine munching away, who should come along, but Kiwi Craig! We had a good chat about our plans for the day, and Craig told me about the Cabot Tower, which was about ten minutes walk up a hill nearby. Thinking of my aching feet, I declined to join him, figuring that the church would be enough for me. We parted ways once again, and I made my way into Bristol Cathedral.

Wow is all I can say. Wow wow wow. I love old churches. I love the architecture and the atmosphere. I’ve seen churches in Ireland, America, India, Russia, but I think I may have found one of the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. I’ve always thought it a bit OTT when people say something took their breath away (is that really possible?), but when I entered this place, I really did stand there stunned and breathless for a minute. There were medieval tombs, and newer chapels, and cracked tiles, and towering arches and the most incredible vaulted ceiling. I could have spent hours there. Unfortunately, I’ve never felt too comfortable taking pictures in churches, it seems a bit disrespectful or something, especially as people were buried there. So you will have to go there yourself to see what it’s like!

I had intended to finish off my Bristol adventure here, but this is turning into quite a long post again so I will have to leave you waiting for it’s conclusion!


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