Bristol concluded

It’s time for the final chapter of my Bristol adventure! It seems to have turned into quite the saga really.

I felt I needed another bite to eat after my church wanderings, so I took another look around the food festival and settled on some gorgeous ice cream from Shepherds. They had a huge range of interesting flavours, in the end I went for peanut butter and chocolate with mango and passion fruit sorbet. Scrumptious!



As I lounged on the grass in front of the cathedral, I entertained myself by watching a guy practising bar flaring!


Poor guy kept dropping the bottles and had to clean up broken glass more than once. He seemed to have an endless supply of new ones though!

While I licked my ice cream tub clean, I received a text from Kiwi Craig telling me that the Cabot Tower he had mentioned earlier was awesome and really worth a visit. Intrigued, I ignored my sore feet and got back up again to investigate!

The tower was beautiful! I think there must be some sort of law against mediocre architecture in Bristol.




It was on top of a hill in the middle of a park, and surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and gardens.








My tired feet (and fear of spiral staircases!) prevented me from climbing to the top of the tower, but the views from its base were still utterly fabulous. Once again, my phone camera just doesn’t do it justice!


I strolled back down the hill and out of the park. Making my way back to the High Street, I came across yet another beautiful old building to gawk at.


As much as I was loving Bristol, my poor feet (did I mention they were sore and tired?) were about to give up on me. So I went for one last cold pink lemonade before making my way back to my car.


After I was finished slurping my lemonade, I left the café only to find my new Italian friends from the previous night crossing the road right in front of me! They seemed genuinely sorry to see me go, and while none of them had acquired English phone numbers yet, they asked for my number and told me that I must come back to Bristol again to see them!

So all in all, it was a crazy, unexpected, up and down and back up again kind of trip! I’d gone to a brand new city on my own, and I’d left it alive, in one piece, and after having a whale of a time!

Bristol, it was great, see you again soon! Ciao bella!


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