Being uncool in Shoreditch

Despite being on the go non-stop the previous weekend, last Saturday I pulled on a sensible pair of shoes again and got ready for some more wanderings!

My friend A, who I went to college with, moved to the UK six weeks ago to work with the NHS in Bradford. She regularly visits her boyfriend in London, so had suggested I pop in so the two of us could have a mooch about and a catch up. Neither of us had a clue about where would be nice to go on a Saturday. Luckily, we had friends advise us to visit Spitalfields and Brick Lane Markets in Shoreditch.

We went to Spitalfields first, and sat down with some scrumptious crepes to have a good natter over. Once we were satisfied, we ventured into the market proper for some retail therapy! They had the most gorgeous things on offer, I’m surprised I didn’t come home with an entirely empty bank account. I was very good, and managed to restrain myself and only bought a lovely big floral bow. A bit girlier than what I would usually go for, but A assured me it will look lovely!

Leaving the market, we headed towards Shoreditch High Street. It suddenly dawned on us that we were surrounded by hipsters with their ripped jeans, quirky sunglassess and mad hair. We felt very out of place! Every second shop was full of vintage items. After browsing in a couple of these and seeing nothing more than a pile of old clothes, we came to the conclusion that we were just too uncool for Shoreditch!

We had intended to visit Brick Lane too, but unfortunately that was closed on Saturdays. Luckily for us however, there were numerous small markets and stalls around Shoreditch. So much so, we couldn’t decide where to eat. We considered eating in one market that held numerous stalls selling mostly Asian food, but after one too many stall owners yelling after us to come try their food, and the tastes we did try not being overly excited, we moved on.

At this point, the heavens opened. Our leisurely stroll had to be cut short as we realised that finding somewhere with a roof was more important. We ran into the first place we saw, which was called the Boxpark. This seemed to be some sort of pop-up area full of mini bars and restaurants. We went for one selling Thai street food, for the simple reason that it had seats!

Our choice turned out to be a good one, my prawn phad thai and A’s green curry were exactly what we needed after getting soaked outside. Lovely and warming, and pretty authentic tasting in my opinion.

We parted ways soon after this, as we both needed to go home and get dry and warm. I had a quiet evening in which was lovely and relaxing. The next day, I had intended on visiting a Steam Fair in Pinkneys Green, but as I sat in the house on Sunday morning, I decided that I had done more than enough adventuring recently! A chilled out Sunday was exactly what I needed!


PS: Apologies for the lack of photos, I feel a bit out whipping out the camera phone while I’m hanging out with someone!


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