Relaxing in Reading etc

Once again, life has been busy and the blog has been neglected. Sincerest apologies! Despite my busy-ness however, I don’t have a huge amount to report here.

Two weeks ago, I decided it was time to finally see my nearest city, Reading. The day dawned bright and sunny, and I ended up having to be late for my lunch date because I needed to stop off for sun cream! Once I was properly armed against the UV rays (with proper La Roche Posay lotion, none of that cheapy stuff for us Irish milkbottles!), I met up with J at the Riverside. We settled ourselves at a nice outdoor table in the shade of Côte Brasserie. Being starving, but not hungry enough for a main course, I ordered two starters, goats cheese tartine and calamari. J also ordered the calamari and we split a side of chips. And to wash it all down, I had a bottle of beautiful French lemonade. Heaven!

After our scrumptious meal, we went for a wander around Reading and grabbed some ice cream for dessert. J had to head off eventually, but I hung around in order to do a bit of shopping.

You might have noticed that this post is also a bit low on photos, this is because my third-hand phone decided to die! So I spent a large proportion of my time in Reading looking at various phone options, to no avail unfortunately. I then spent some time looking at potential dresses for a wedding I’m attending during the summer, no luck there either!

The rest of that weekend was spent chilling out, before my friend K arrived on Monday. I went to university with K, and she was moving to the UK for a job really near me! Because they wanted her to start ASAP, she didn’t have a chance to find a place to live and move in, so she stayed with me for a few days until she found her feet. It was so nice to have another Irish person around!

Last weekend, I flew home to Ireland for the second time since moving here. After a whirlwind few days trying to see everyone and do everything, I thought I would be quite ready to return to England for a bit of a break. However, leaving home this time was harder than my first visit and harder than leaving originally was. It feels as if it’s finally sinking in that this isn’t just a holiday, that I’m in England for the foreseeable future.

After my busy weekend at home, I knew I needed to take it easy this weekend. I deliberately avoided making plans, but when K offered to take me out for dinner as a thank you, how could I say no! We met in Ascot, and found a table in Rock Salt. We both ordered the linguine with chilli, garlic and prawns. It was gorgeous! K was also kind enough to give me the most interesting cupcake recipe book I’ve seen, “10,000 Cupcakes”. Each page is divided into three, decorations, toppings and cakes. You can flip each part separately to create whatever combination you like. I’m itching to hit the kitchen again and experiment!

Yesterday was beautifully sunny once again, though not as hot as my day in Reading. I decided a walk over the moor into Maidenhead was on the cards, particularly as I needed to sort out my phone. Two weeks without Whatsapp and Skype does not a happy emigrant make! After much ado, I am finally the proud owner of a lovely new smartphone, complete with camera to brighten up my blog! I also purchased a dress, bag and fascinator to wear to the races at some point over the summer.

My intention was to go to Asda last night, but after all my walking, I decided that an evening in bed with a good book was a much better alternative. It is now Sunday morning, and I’m having a lazy breakfast (porridge with blueberries), enjoying the breeze floating in from the open back door. Bliss!


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